For the owners of smartphones Xiaomi expect a change: learn more

На владельцев смартфонов Xiaomi ожидают перемены: узнайте подробности

MIUI firmware for the line of smartphones from Xiaomi – is updated very often. Users sometimes very hard to track what has changed in their phone with the new update, which from time to time come to their smartphone.

MIUI was developed on the basis of the open source Android operating system. However, developers often remove some basic functions and therefore it seems that to deal with this separately existing world of MIUI impossible. What version of the underlying sheath will support your smartphone depends just on the phone itself.

Features that were added in the new update, it disable the navigation bar. Now the owner of the smartphone from Xiaomi may use the navigation gestures. 9 update MIUI added this feature only to few devices, but recently she has started to be supported by all smartphones.

It should be noted that Assistant Google now is slower and it is impossible to call the assist.

However, the next version provides an individual icon, clicking which users will be able to call Google Assistant. This will need just hold down the power button for a few seconds. This function will only work if you configure the appropriate buttons in the smartphone.

Recall that a transparent smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition will appear in Ukraine. This is great news for those who wanted to buy this smartphone, which became known thanks to the transparent rear panel. In fact, on the rear panel just posted 3D sticker, which creates an effect of transparency.

Earlier Znayu reported that the head of Xiaomi has told about plans of the company for the year 2019. The head of the company prepares many surprises for owners of smartphones.

Also Znayu wrote about what Samsung zapatentovana foldable gaming smartphone. The display design can be folded three times, and the bottom frame quickly transformirovalsya in the likeness of the controller D-Pad. Apparently, the company still decided to break into the gaming market of smartphones. Besides, this device can change form. There is no doubt that the novelty will receive a good stuffing, the whole gaming smartphones need to ensure a smooth and beautiful picture.

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