Ford introduced a smart bed Lane-Keeping Bed stuffed with auto: video

Ford представила умную кровать Lane-Keeping Bed с начинкой от авто: видео

Lane-Keeping Bed

The American company Ford has unveiled a prototype bed, which automatically changes the position if one of the pair got to the opposition half and interferes with your partner. In fact, this is a brilliant device, given that not everyone is used to sleeping on his favorite bed in the company. As for the bed, a mechanism based on the technology of conveyor belts, and tracking systems for objects and retention of the lane company uses in the production of their cars.

Sounds very scientific, but in practice it’s pretty simple: the technology works in the following way: in bed, the built motion sensor that determines when a partner moved to another half of the bed. Then the belt conveyor gently moves and turns him on his side of the bed. And this is done discreetly and effects of those on her sleep.

In the same way the system of care movement lane Ford Lane-Keeping Aid transfers the funds back to the correct lanes, pushing the wheel in the right direction.

Ford представила умную кровать Lane-Keeping Bed с начинкой от авто: видео

Ford is not the first time uses car technology in the manufacture of everyday things. Previously, the company presented a reasonable bed, which helps babies fall asleep faster, mimicking the rhythm of the rocking car ride. About the price not yet known, but the device itself will cost a pretty penny.

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