Fort Boyard Zakarpattia: the reality show showed how to clear EuroBLECH without intermediaries

Форт Буаяр по-закарпатски: реалити-шоу показало, как растаможить евробляхи без посредников

the reality show “Fort Boyard”

The cult reality TV show has spoken in the Transcarpathian and another sore subject for the countrymen.

Less than two weeks before the end of the grace period (22 February) for customs clearance of cars on avtonomera. More and more Ukrainians are trying to get the Ukrainian rooms. It is therefore not surprising that the characters of the popular reality show “Fort Boyard” is also concerned about ETA problem – they are desperately fighting for their customs clearance “EuroBLECH” without intermediaries.

Форт Буаяр по-закарпатски: реалити-шоу показало, как растаможить евробляхи без посредников

Video Transcarpathian voice famous TV show “Fort Boyard” published on his page in the network Facebook Misha Lendiel.

The program of the Transcarpathian dialect voiced Creative Association “Sakura”.

Show in today’s reality translated into the language of Transcarpathian sound like – “customs Clearance AVOD bantou”.

Fort Boyard (Rastamozhka AVOD bentov)

Uglublenie FORT BOYARD, now have ZAKARPATSKY vers, od – Creator of Ob’єdnannya “Sakura”🌸
Have salicylas duzhe little one to CNCA ligowego period rothmannia avtomobl on inozemni restrac “zi discount” identity lovt our voice DOMO teleprogram Fort Boyard, Yak in siogodni situation pereklad on Zakarpatska zvuciti Yak – “Rastamozhka AVOD bantou”.
Primnogo pereglyadu !)
We will vdacs for posyannya!)

Geplaatst door Misha Lendiel op Zondag 10 februari 2019

Seriously speaking, is it advantageous to buy a car in Europe, and then customs clearance under the new rules, for anybody not a secret that in the end, very little you will save. Profitable only when the car is relatively new (5-7) years.

We will remind, the journalist of the portal Znayu had to go through the procedure of customs clearance. In addition to a considerable amount also need to be patient.

As reported by the portal Znayu presidential candidate, showman Vladimir Zelensky at the time was a member of “Fort Boyard”.

Also Znayu wrote the Ukrainians almost for nothing are willing to give auto Euronorm.

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