Found the fattest baby in the world: it weighs the same as a nine year old child

Найден самый толстый младенец в мире: он весит как девятилетний ребенок

Luis Gonzalez of Mexico claims the title of “the fat baby in the world”: in 10 months the baby weighs 28 pounds. Parents are greatly concerned about his health and don’t know what to do with an unknown illness. Reports Clutch.

24-year-old Isabel Pantoja, the child’s mother, says that at first the boy was developing perfectly normal. She believed that the baby is just growing quickly thanks to breastfeeding. However, when Louis began to weigh like 9-year-old child, the parents began to sound the alarm.

Найден самый толстый младенец в мире: он весит как девятилетний ребенок

Doctors expect that the boy suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome. They note that Louis is not observed food addiction, so it may be a hormonal imbalance.

For the normalization of hormonal balance baby prescribed expensive injections, each of which costs $ 500. Parents can’t afford treatment, because father Luis earns only $ 200 per month. Good people donate family funds, but they are not enough.

Найден самый толстый младенец в мире: он весит как девятилетний ребенок

Parents hope that the treatment will start as soon as possible, because the child’s condition becomes critical. Doctors also believe that it is impossible to lose a single day, but unfortunately, too much rests on the material situation of the family.

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