Four years in penitentiary for a multi-repeat pedophile from Chicoutimi

Pedophile Maurice Gobeil, convicted of having abused a six-year-old child, received a four-year sentence on Wednesday at the Chicoutimi courthouse. 71-year-old man on third conviction for child sex crimes
M aurice Gobeil, an individual from Chicoutimi, has been detained since June 2019, in Roberval prison. Given the preventive time already served, he has 33 months and 25 days left behind bars. This time it will be within the walls of a federal penitentiary.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, judicial activities are reduced to a minimum in Quebec courthouses. However, files concerning sexual abuse of children, in particular, are treated as a priority. Judge Pierre Simard, of the Court of Quebec, therefore rendered sentence, Wednesday morning, live from the courtroom. Maurice Gobeil was listening to the judgment by videoconference, from Roberval prison, while the two lawyers, Me Nicole Ouellet in prosecution and Me Nicolas Gagnon in defense, followed the proceedings by telephone.

It was last June that the little victim of Maurice Gobeil had denounced him to his relatives. A publication ban was obviously issued to protect the child’s identity, as well as the link between him and the man.

The little girl had told the police, during an interrogation which had been filed in evidence during the sentencing representations, held on February 5, how the accused forced her to touch him, to rub his genitals on hers and blow him over a two-week period in early summer 2019.

The video of the interrogation, which lasted more than an hour, was particularly difficult to hear and watch.

Sitting facing the investigator, legs crossed and pulled up on the chair and wrapping his ponytail around his fingers, the child had repeated ten times that it was now over, because “Momo was in prison ”

The individual quickly pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual contact on a minor, as well as one indecent charge.

During the sentencing observations, Crown Prosecutor Nicole Ouellet asked that Maurice Gobeil be sentenced to five years in penitentiary. In defense, Me Nicolas Gagnon argued instead for a sentence of 33 months.

Judge Pierre Simard finally sentenced the accused to 48 months (four years) of detention. The 71-year-old man has been detained since last June, so he has already served the equivalent of 14 months in prison, counting time and a half.

Defense counsel, Gagnon, noted that the sentence rendered by Justice Simard was appropriate, given the gravity of the actions taken.

In addition to the sexual abuse of the child, Maurice Gobeil had also admitted his guilt to an indecent act. He admitted to masturbating on his balcony, facing the street, in the summer of 2017 and 2018. A neighbor had surprised him.

Third conviction

In 2005 and 2008, Maurice Gobeil was sentenced for sexual acts committed on two other girls, five and six years old, which already made him a repeat pedophile. The acts for which he was convicted were committed in 1999 and 2003.

In both cases, it involved touching girls, especially in a bath. When he was last convicted in 2008, he had received 18 months in prison.

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