France 2 gets rid of the spread of Mr Robot, season 3

France 2 se débarrasse de la diffusion de Mr Robot, saison 3

Literally in the middle of the night.

There was a time when Mr. Robot was released in the second part of the evening. In 2016, When France 2 decided to launch in France is the exciting, but very demanding series of Sam Esmail, she keeps a niche that is quite honorable : two episodes every Monday night, in the second part of the evening. The first two seasons were broadcast in a row. But the hearings have not been at the appointment :

Only 230 000 fans (or 4% of the public) were still present to attend the end of season 2, the November 21, 2016. A score is incredibly low, but that was offset by the replays, on the site of the chain. Viewers in france have obviously preferred to go with Mr Robot in the replay, and France 2 and it was well noted.

Mr Robot will be entitled to one prequel, COMIC book, written by Sam Esmail

At the time of broadcast the season 3, the group has decided to make the impasse on the live broadcast, to bet everything on the viewings deferred. In fact, we learned this week that new episodes of Mr. Robot (those released last year in the USA) will be éclusés in a single volley, the 17 and 18 December next… Six episodes come thick and fast, the first evening, between 23 hours and 3 hours in the morning. The next day, the four episodes remaining will be to see between 1.25 am and 4: 30 !

Obviously, only the insomniacs among you (or the fans absolute to Rami Malek , who will have laid two days of leave to make two sleepless nights with Mr Robot) will be in front of the small screen at these unsociable hours. And so it is in replay France 2 offers actually discover this season 3.

At least, the fans motivated will still be able to comfort themselves by saying that after watching these 10 episodes, they will be at the same point that the american viewers, who are still waiting for season 4 of Mr Robot… the last of the series.