France 2 reveals the dark trailer of season 2 of White Area

France 2 dévoile la sombre bande-annonce de la saison 2 de Zone Blanche

“When the nature wakes up, the man is no longer the only threat…”

Almost two years after causing a sensation, the series scary of France 2, White Area, is going to make his return. The 8 new episodes of 52 minutes, will from Monday, 11 February, in prime time. And judging by the trailer (below), the atmosphere will still be too dark…

The synopsis official : “Two months have passed. The autumn is here. The Major even so, laurène Weiss has recovered from three gunshot wounds she received in the stomach. It appears that she was granted a ” second chance “. But for what ? Even so, laurène is determined to not to repeat the mistakes of the past and open itself to the other. But how to speak after all these years immured in the secret ? How to say that ” the Man of the Woods “, which was removed the year of her 18 years and she is stalking has always been, is perhaps the one that brought him back to life ? Especially because everyone around her is not ready to hear it. While the forest of Villefranche is threatened by pollution from the career of Steiner, is it possible that something is being woken up to defend it ? To have the heart net, even so, laurène goes in search of a sanctuary celtic lost in the forest. But that the one she seeks is man, god or demon, even so, laurène will quickly acquire the certainty that the inhabitants of Villefranche are at a danger more imminent. Since the fall of the celts, this is the beginning of the Time Black, this time of the year when Cernunnos himself remains… the kingdom of the dead. It is good to be back in Villefranche.”

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