“Free cash!”: Ani Lorak on the network confused with the labour Ministry

Singer of Ukrainian origin chose not the most successful outfit that was immediately noted on social networks.

«Свободная касса!»: Ани Лорак в сети спутали с работником «МакДоналдса»


Daily national pop stars publish their photos in various outfits, however, not always these ideas the public perceives “Bang”. So what happened to the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who placed the blue shirt, cap-visor and black pants. Individually, maybe things would look good, but their combination is suggested to the users the most obvious option – an employee of McDonald’s, which confused Ani Lorak, immediately began teasing her about how she looks. Of course, it’s associated permanent additions to the spirit of “Free cash!”.

The result is that nobody not even paid attention to the fact that the cap-visor, apparently, is the official paraphernalia of the singer, dedicated to the new single “Sleep”. Everyone started to talk about what Ani should carefully pick out the images for photos, which she plans to exhibit in the vast social networks, giving subscribers millions of “good” for a discussion of his person.

There were, however, those who said that Lorak looks lovely, and all those who thinks otherwise, is simply too violent fantasy, which they used absolutely in the wrong direction.