Free game Apex Legends from the creators of Titanfall appeared on the shelves

Бесплатная игра Apex Legends от создателей Titanfall появилась на прилавках

Apex Legends

The company Electronic Arts presented the Apex Legends free shooter game in the genre of the battle Royal in the universe of Titanfall. However, there are no titans, but there are micro transactions that affect game comfort. In other words, to have an advantage over players, it is possible to spend money on in-game currency. Such a fee for a free game.

In Apex Legends you can fight for the title of best in the whole Frontier. You have to learn the fighting style of one of several iconic characters, each with their own skills, as well as to understand the intricacies of the tactics of this battle Royal. Yes, nothing new in the gaming world this project will bring. In any case, some of the chips will differ from a huge number of similar games.

Бесплатная игра Apex Legends от создателей Titanfall появилась на прилавках

Your task on the battlefield is the search for the powerful weapons, modifications, and armor, as well as the elimination of opponents. However, all the key features of the regime of the battle Royal.

Apex Legends is already available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Бесплатная игра Apex Legends от создателей Titanfall появилась на прилавках

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