Friends do not need to: scientists have created a pill for loneliness

Друзья не нужны: ученые создали таблетку от одиночества

Loneliness is one of the most difficult and obsessive-compulsive disorder in a person’s life. Constant feeling of loneliness takes strength to live and work, spoils the rest and shakes the psyche. However, the Italians figured out how you can overcome this condition.

Stephanie Cacioppo, Director of the Laboratory of dynamics of brain School of medicine Pritzker University of Chicago and her colleagues argue that the feeling of loneliness occurs when chemical signals, pushing us to communicate with other people, locked STRAVAGANZA our consciousness, and instead, the brain focuses on danger and anxiety, suppressing the desire to socialize. Just as the sense of thirst tells us about the shortage of water, the feeling of loneliness — a sign that everyone needs social contacts. About the experiment, reported the publication of “Naked Science”.

Друзья не нужны: ученые создали таблетку от одиночества

The study, conducted in 2013, with the participation of 31 people, another research group found that oral administration people dose allopregnanolone derived from pregnenolone, it has a soothing effect on the tonsils of participants area of the brain responsible for emotional perception and anticipation of unpleasant reactions.

According to the researcher, the purpose of the experiment is not to eliminate the feeling of loneliness, but not to allow that feeling to cause harm to the mind and body. If scientists will be able to help the minds of lonely people, this will not only help singles meet new people, and don’t avoid each other, but also reduce the negative impact of those feelings on human health.

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