FSB showed pictures violated the Russian border, a Ukrainian ship

Three ships appeared illegally in a closed water area on 25 November at seven in the morning GMT.

ФСБ показало снимки нарушивших российскую границу украинских кораблей


Kiev is not sent applications for membership in the Kerch Bay, but officials say the opposite. FSB showed pictures violated the Russian border, a Ukrainian ship, moving in the direction of the Crimean bridge. In Kiev declare that you have applied for a visit to this area. In the FSB call this information false. The captains of the Ukrainian ships complain of “inadequate” actions of Russian border guards. In the FSB reacted to this event.

The Russian authorities are convinced that the Ukrainians want to create a provocation in order to get a response and then accusing Moscow of aggression. In Kiev insist that reported on the planned movements in the Azov sea, and Russia has specifically exacerbates the already tense to the limit setting.

According to the Ukrainian side, the Russian ships deliberately crashed into a tow and once again solve the problem by force. The FSB reports that will not allow you to create provocations in their territory and make arrangements to continue to avoid such incidents.