Fury called Joshua and Miller, homeless people and assholes

Фьюри назвал Джошуа и Миллера бомжами и придурками

Tyson Fury

The owner of belts of the IBO, WBA, IBF, WBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (22-0, 21 KO’s) and Darrell Miller (23-0-1, 20 KO’s) will fight on June 1 in new York, USA.

On the line of battle – all the titles Joshua.

Фьюри назвал Джошуа и Миллера бомжами и придурками

The battle Joshua Miller will take place on June 1

Former world champion Tyson fury (28-0, 18 KOs) commented on the upcoming fight.

Fury called Joshua and Miller a couple of idiots who will fight for the fun of spectators.

“I think it’s a fight for fun with a couple of idiots. Yeah, good fight to all to laugh, right? A fight between two base shanties, which will see 12 million viewers. Very good. Everyone needs money in Bank accounts.
I do not blame Dillian white that a rematch with Joshua will not take place. I blame Eddie Hearn (promoter Joshua and white). Gillian, ready to fight anyone. He progressed more than other fighters over the past two years. Congratulations to him!

He definitely deserved a title shot. If I beat Wilder, no problem give him a title chance. I’m not a pussy – I’m a man of my word. But Joshua will not fight with Wyatt, because he’s a pussy,” said fury.

Фьюри назвал Джошуа и Миллера бомжами и придурками

The battle Joshua Miller will take place on June 1 in new York

Recall that during the first duel of views Miller pushed Joshua, when he approached to it closely.

In new York held the first joint press conference, which almost ended in a brawl.

Boxers spoke harshly and insulted each other.

Joshua said that Miller abused drugs, and hits like a fairy.

“For a guy who weighs 300 pounds, he hits like a fairy. June 1 will be show. Come and see it with my own eyes. I do not play the role of a gangster. I do knock people, just look at his little hands. This is the first time Miller will sell the show, but it’s all thanks to me. Of course, it all day thinking about me and watching my fights, but not enough. Fury put him down seven times, he is a soft puncher in this division.

I’m going to knock this guy the hell. He abuses drugs. And General Miller came into the sport of kickboxing. I’m going to knock him out.

Darrell, where’s your mom? This gives you the opportunity to pay for her apartment. She will come here and watch a real championship fight.

Jarrell Miller is a little bitch. I’m going to gag him with their fists” – the words of Joshua BoxingScene.

Фьюри назвал Джошуа и Миллера бомжами и придурками

Anthony Joshua and Jarrell Miller first met before the battle

In turn, Miller has promised to knock out Joshua:

“You got it! I’m home, I’m on their territory. You have no idea what you’re about to experience. Yes, I live, eat, drink, Anthony Joshua. I even have a screensaver on the computer – his photos. All thoughts only about the fight with him.

Can definitely wait for a knockout. I don’t know how many strokes can withstand Joshua, but I promise you that this guy will crack like an egg. This is the time hooligans.

I’ll bring Joshua a lot of problems, you can definitely count on it. Anthony knows what’s coming June 1, I also. I have serious doubts about the strength of the jaw on this guy. I guarantee you that you will see how Anthony will fall apart. 100%.

This Boxing business is a game hurts, so there is no good. It is about hard work and dedication to achieve victory. The truth will come out. Once the contract is signed, all masks removed,” said Miller.

Recall, for this fight, Joshua will receive a record fee of 25 million pounds.

As reported by the portal Znayu Joshua will meet with Oleksandr Usyk.

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