“Gadgets like Tesla”: “Rural Lifehacker” ridiculed for tuning UAZ “Patriot”

The network enough different self-made modifications and “hacking” for SUV UAZ “Patriot”. In this video blogger told how to improve smartphone in the car, but “rural Lifehacker” received only a mockery of commentators.

«Гаджеты как в Tesla»: «Сельского лайфхакера» высмеяли за тюнинг УАЗ «Патриот»

According to the motorist, in his UAZ “Patriot” cord for charging from cigarette lighter socket is not long enough – he can’t put the smartphone on the front panel of the SUV and therefore have to go without using the phone. To simplify your life, the owner decided to rework the charger by placing it under the dashboard. To do this, he needed a few wires, a couple of adapters and drill he will drill the panel.

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«Гаджеты как в Tesla»: «Сельского лайфхакера» высмеяли за тюнинг УАЗ «Патриот»

About the work “robot” AMT LADA Vesta told blogger

With robotized transmission LADA Vesta involves a lot of disputes and disagreements, but because the specialist decided to tell me about this transmission.

«Гаджеты как в Tesla»: «Сельского лайфхакера» высмеяли за тюнинг УАЗ «Патриот»

“3-year “Solaris” or 8-year-old “Passat”: the benefits Of “German,” said the lady driver

After parsing “tidy” “Lifehacker” realized that the drill for these actions will not work, so I decided to melt a small area of the plastic and resulting hole through the duct to withdraw a micro-USB cable. Melt the dashboard is also not wanted in the result using the screwdriver the driver managed to drill a rough hole and finish the job. Drink charging not working – motorist failed wire the device to the buttons of the dashboard.

«Гаджеты как в Tesla»: «Сельского лайфхакера» высмеяли за тюнинг УАЗ «Патриот»

Commentators on the network do not appreciate this kind of tuning UAZ “Patriot”, saying extremely rude work and comparing it with the famous Elon Musk: “a Purely rural Lifehacker. Gadgets like Tesla! Strange that you’re your car through there not drilled with those holes!”.

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