Galkin after the death Pugacheva will not be able to live in peace – fans

Comedian will do anything to blame yourself for cheating spouse, assured fans.

Галкин после кончины Пугачевой не сможет жить спокойно - фанаты


Rumors about the affair of Maxim Galkin with Yulia the baranouskaya noise on open spaces of social networks. Most users are angry at entertainer and came to the defense of Alla, which because of the betrayal of her husband was faced with the deterioration of health. Fans worried for the health of the prima Donna, which has recently ceased to appear in public. A recent report by the singer that she will not be able to take part in the anniversary concert of Leonid Agutin because of illness, and all have alarmed fans. Network experts condemned the Maxim for his indifference Galkin left a sick wife and having fun with Orbakaite in new York.

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Галкин после кончины Пугачевой не сможет жить спокойно - фанаты

Orbakaite copies Pugachev, to win the love Galkina

The singer so wants to achieve reciprocity from the humorist.

Followers believe that the comedian is aware of his mistakes only after the death of Alla. The death of his wife forced Maxim to understand that he did against the legendary woman unjustly and harshly, say commentators. Fans believe that Galkin will not be able to live in peace if Alla Borisovna will leave this world – humorist will make themselves in some measure to blame for the death of his wife, emphasize nick, because her health is undermined because of the feelings associated with the infidelity of her husband. Only then, assured fans that Maxim will realize that he didn’t have to betray the woman, who was always faithful to him.

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