Galkin could not be the father of twins Pugacheva.

A technical mind son, Harry, shows that the genes he’s inherited from the comic.

Галкин не может быть отцом двойняшек Пугачёвой – соцсети

Surrogate motherhood and the birth of twins in the family of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin raised questions from fans. But over time they got used to the fact that the celebrity couple took part in the conception of children through medicine. However, with age, the son Harry was too different from his father, opening tendencies, which is not observed in the family of Donna and her husband.

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Галкин не может быть отцом двойняшек Пугачёвой – соцсети

Galkin let it slip that plans for a castle in the Mud after the death of Pugacheva

The comedian noted that the living area is practically engaged, and it sounded strange on the background illness of the prima Donna.

Галкин не может быть отцом двойняшек Пугачёвой – соцсети

Galkin on the talent of the son earns a fortune

A child interested in technology, despite the fact that he lives in a family of creative people. Maxim Galkin has shared with fans a video in which it is seen that the humorist son is growing “techie”. The comedian said that Harry always gravitated to the construction of various houses and cars, although his parents never cared for it.

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Alla sent a report from home. Garik, we have the likes of tools available to build houses, cars – this time, caravan, trailer! ??????????????? #carrigallen

A post shared by Maxim Galkin (@maxgalkinru) on Nov 13, 2018 at 6:48am PST

Users of social networks are sure that Galkin could not be the boy’s father, and “change to” spouse a Diva without much effort. Thanks to surrogacy Pugachev could negotiate with doctors and to replace her husband a better man. During the long years of his career, the Diva had to have a lot of fans, who offered her hand and heart. Among them were not only creative people, but the representatives of technical Sciences. They could influence the choice of the performer, becoming a more convenient option to conceive children. Also “replace” the father of Alla Borisovna could be solved due to infidelity Galkin, who was able to walk around before the wedding with the singer.

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