Galkin shocked fans with the revelation about Pugacheva: “Tu Alla she already doesn’t remember”

Галкин шокировал фанов откровением о Пугачевой: "Ту Аллу она уже сама не помнит"

Singer Alla Pugacheva with the years does not lose its spark and stage enthusiasm. But is it easy Diva is given a public life, because the last time she entirely wants to focus on family, children and a young wife, showman Maxim Galkin.

Galkin, who likes to tell reporters about his personal life and the relationship with Alla, said in the program “He and She”, what changes happened to his beloved. According to him, Alla is now experiencing a difficult period, and almost no recollection of his former self.

Diva is preparing for the big jubilee concert in honor of his 70th birthday in the Kremlin Dworzec. According to showman, now Alla is experiencing not the best time, because it harder to go on stage. In recent years the singer has devoted herself to the care of children and husband, and barely remembers the image of a strong and independent artist, which was once.

“On the scene Alla goes artist and not a wife. Of course, in the life I know another Alla, and there is an understanding, tenderness, love, self-sacrifice. And it is difficult each time to return to the stage they are now, because the Alla she already do not remember” — said Maxim.

Despite the psychological complexity, Alla Pugacheva in life has everything to be a happy wife and mother. Galkin confessed that the actress is now more busy with the kids than he is. Also, thanks to the wisdom of the couple, they never argue. According to Maxim, the Diva always puts it at the head of the table when they come to visit, to show who’s boss in their family.

We will remind, earlier Galkin confessed, as Pugacheva turned it into Kirkorov.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that the network was rocked by a scandal due to sperm Kirkorov, which has suffered Galkin.

Galkin also staged trolling hard Sobchak.

And former wife of Vladimir Kuzmin told about the children Pugacheva from him.

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