Galkin threats forced the Baranovsky to save his marriage to Alla Pugacheva

The comedian knows what threatens his divorce with Donna.

Галкин угрозами вынудил Барановскую спасти его брак с Пугачевой

For several months, do not cease talking to the public about cheating Maxim Galkin, who allegedly are tired of the aged wife and decided to find solace in the arms of a young colleague Yulia Baranovskaya. All this time, the stars stubbornly remained silent, however, on the days leading “Male/Female” decided to deny the affair with the husband of Alla Pugacheva, stating that such rumors are spreading sick people.

It is not excluded that the fleeting affair between colleagues was, after all, and Galkin and Baranovskaya broke up as soon as the affair became public. Now, when the rumors about the infidelities of almost every humorist believed, Galkin have to act in order not to lose everything that he has. Maybe, Alla Pugacheva decided to definitively break the relations with the cheating spouse, which has undermined her health and made to feel humiliated.

Галкин угрозами вынудил Барановскую спасти его брак с Пугачевой

Galkin himself, fearing that after the divorce with Alla Pugacheva his career will come to an end, and the public will make it in the black list and again will hang on him the stigma of homosexual, decided to go for a cunning move. Possible in order to come clean, comedian threats forced the ex-lover to claim a non-existent novel. It is not excluded that Maxim threatened Baranovskaya career if she does not make public statements.

Plan humorist, apparently, worked as the presenter of the First channel is now trying to save his marriage to Alla Pugacheva, asserting the falsity of the rumors about her affair with the entertainer. Galkin himself refused to make such statements because he realizes that his rebuttal will be deemed as a recognition of treachery. Previously, the comedian on journalists ‘ questions about divorce Diva said it does not comment on his personal life.

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