Game of Thrones : but who is the mysterious “captain golden” of the trailer ?

Game of Thrones : mais qui est le mystérieux "capitaine doré" du trailer ?

Do you know Harry Strickland ?

The trailer of the season 8 of Game of Thrones has certainly unveiled some clues about what we can expect in the season 8 finale. And a character unknown to the battalion shines (literally) in the middle of this trailer, so that it cannot be seen… that back ! Attention spoilers.

In effect, this man in armor is standing at the prow of a ship great and it can be seen in the process of commissioning an army blazing, on a boat of Euron Greyjoy. This army, it is very probably that of the Golden Company, the company of mercenaries, the largest and most famous of the free cities of Essos. An army which had already fought, for example, a certain Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen), and who comes from a rich history. Last season, Euron (Pilou Asbæk) is just off to the east, to hire the Golden Company and their 10 000 men, in order to enable the Queen to Cersei to stay in control of Westeros.

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So who will make the trip for the lead ? Probably Harry Strickland, a character who appeared in the fifth novel of George RR Martin (“A Dance with Dragons”). He is the Captain general of the Golden Company and is a knight exiled from the house Strickland. It will be a priori portrayed by the German actor Marc Rissman (seen in The Last Kingdom and The Man in The High Castle), as had been leaked a few months ago already (see his profile IMDB).

If it doesn’t look like much, physically, in Harry Strickland as described by Martin in his novels, it includes still, seeing it in this trailer, that it will have an important place in the final chapter.

A view from Sunday 14th April on HBO and in France on OCS.

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