Game of Thrones : it finally knows the fate of the character of Ed Sheeran

Game of Thrones : on connaît enfin le destin du personnage d’Ed Sheeran

The mystery is finally lifted on the trip of the musician in Westeros.

Ed Sheeran has happened in Game of Thrones as a hair on the soup. The superstar of the millennial pop, propelled in the firmament of tube-like Shape of You or The A Team, had made an appearance flash in the first episode of season 7 (Dragonstone). Without news of his character since we know finally what happened to the soldier Lannister, to which he lent his features. The horrible fate of his character is told by one of the daughters of joy which take the company to Ser Bronn of the Blackwater (Jerome Flynn).

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The girl reveals that a certain soldier with red hair and answering to the name of Eddie is burning the face with the dragons of Daenerys, and would have even lost his eyebrows. It is unlikely, therefore, to review the tuft of incandescence of guitarist, much to the relief of fans of the series. His cameo had been strongly criticized by the audience in view of the lack of sophistication of his disguise and make-up. This small blink of the eye story a little bit like a mea culpa on the part of David Benioff and Dan Weiss, without compromising on their strenuous efforts for depopulating Westeros.

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