Game of Thrones : new teaser from season 8 blows hot and cold

Game of Thrones : le nouveau teaser de la saison 8 souffle le chaud et le froid

Fire against the Ice, the battle that will devastate Westeros.

Little teaser surprise, yesterday, unveiled by HBO : a pretty trailer for season 8 of Game of Thrones (below), which brings us back to Dragonstone, at the HQ of Daenerys. And more exactly in his council room, where you will find this giant model of Westeros, which he used to prepare his battle plans.

This time, it is the battle that will come to it, as the Walkers White crossed the North Wall and bearing down now on the 7 Kingdoms, such as the announcement this teaser all in metaphors. We see, therefore, the cold devour the Earth of Stark, the Wolves of the North, with the famous dragon ice. Then face the fire of the south. One of Daenerys, it is assumed, that burns first a Lion (symbol of Lannister), before stopping the mad race of zombie ice.

Should we take this video at the foot of the letter and read a whole bunch of spoilers ? Is to be understood that, in this season 8, the White Walkers will crush the Kingdom of the North, while Daenerys will burn the Lannister to King’s Landing, and then, the two forces will eventually confront the half-way to the ultimate battle ?

Answer in April 2019 in the season 8 of Game of Thrones on HBO and in France on OCS.