Gamers have learned to quickly and effortlessly get a lot of gold in Red Dead Redemption 2

The shooter found a bug that is incredibly rich.

Геймеры научились быстро и без усилий получать много золота в Red Dead Redemption 2


Foreign gamers have told how quickly and effortlessly get a lot of gold bullion in the popular new Red Dead Redemption 2, using a simple trick. This will require from three to five minutes of time. Those wishing to use the bug have to go to Limani is a destroyed desert town, located South of Valentina and a little North of the station Platek. There you should find the building with the Sheriff’s office. Under his Desk is a box. Need to open it and choose gold bullion. Then you need to save the game when the character bends down and restart the shooter returned to the Sheriff’s office. After these simple manipulations the user will be able to get unlimited amount of gold. Rather, the number of bars is determined solely by the player’s inventory.

Experts believe that in the Rockstar Games already know about the problem in a shooter Red Dead Redemption 2, therefore, wishing to receive bonuses fraudulently have to hurry – soon the programmers will fix the bug.

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