Gargoyle or flying humanoid: a woman filmed the terrible winged creature

Горгулья или летающий гуманоид: женщина засняла жуткое крылатое существо

In the network regularly appear video, which allegedly depicted a variety of mythical creatures: pterodactyls, mermaids, dragons, gargoyles and the like.

So a few weeks ago, somewhere in Nicaragua shot a terrible video with a strange winged creature. The video appeared on YouTube UFO channel “vs Ovnis Ufos”.

Горгулья или летающий гуманоид: женщина засняла жуткое крылатое существо

The creature was spotted sitting on a tree next to the road in an unspecified city.

The woman filming it on your phone, says something behind the scenes, but her words unfortunately quite difficult to translate.

Looking at the pictures you can see that the creature is a big humanoid head, four limbs, growing from the torso and large wings like the wings of a bat.

Горгулья или летающий гуманоид: женщина засняла жуткое крылатое существо

This monster, unlike any known animal, moving in the style of a spider on a tree branch, and then spreads its wings and flies somewhere to the right under the startled cry of a woman.

With a mean creature like a gargoyle or one of the many flying humanoids of America.

Note that the gargoyle is a demonic being that embodies the forces of chaos that are subordinate to the divine power.

Gargoyles found in different myths, they are better known, thanks to the legends of Ancient Greece. The Greeks made them the personification of evil or good will of the gods that determine the fates of people.

However, as stated by skeptics, this video is a typical fake with low resolution and blurry photography. However, the experts noted that the creature was moving very naturally, and doesn’t feel like editing, so if this is fake, its author a good specialist in computer animation.

But if the video is real, what kind of creature then hit the frame?

In various writings about the Apocalypse that the end of the world people will see the new creatures described in medieval Chronicles. Probably, the locals just saw a mythical humanoid creature. Over time their number will increase.

We will remind, the terrible creature with wings on his back and tried to carry the boy. His body and face was covered with short black hairs, and the wings were leathery and it seemed very large.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” in the woods near Kiev, but rather in the Ivanovo district is a nature lover Prokop Prokopenko decided to arrange a photoshoot of a lone wolf using automatic cameras. However, instead of the animal, camera traps have spotted something quite strange.

Also “Znayu” wrote a guy named Mike pike for a long time suffers from sleep paralysis. In some cases, pike felt that there was not one but noticed sometimes in my legs a strange dark figure watching him.

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