Gauguin Solntsev found a replacement wife, the old lady

Journalists noticed the flamboyant radio host in the company of a pregnant mistress singer Alexander Serov.


In the Network there are rumours that showman Gauguin Solntsev will not last long husband of Catherine the Tereshkovich. It turned out that the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Diana Bocharova man desperately flirted with Daria Druziak, which is suspected in pregnancy from well-known artist Alexander Serov.

Gauguin had Daria attentions and devoured her lovers eyes. Latter-day a fan kissed Dasha’s hands and smiled with a value. Just at this moment one of the guests got the shot, which hit the possible lovers. Solntseva argument with 63-year-old Catherine could be the reason that showman looking for new entertainment, though recently declared that he loves his wife and will wait until she will establish a relationship with his daughter and get back to him. Other sources write about the change the Tereshkovich. Supposedly after a successful plastic surgery loving pensioner cheated on his young wife, and Gauguin would seek the dissolution of the marriage, and, as it turned out, found a replacement wife lady.

Flirting showman noticed and Larisa Kopenkina. She has also married with a young husband Prokhor Chaliapin. Larissa came to the festival with new Beau named Paul. And the birthday girl Diana Bicharova at the end of the event received another gift. Her boyfriend businessman Ravil made her an offer of marriage.