Gender of ancient skeletons can be specified in one tooth – the Scientists

A group of scientists said that they can determine the gender of skeletons by traces of protein, which is the tooth enamel.

Пол древних скелетов может быть определен по одному зубу - Ученые

The research was conducted by scientists from the University of California at Davis, and the results were published in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

In particular studying genes proteins amelogenin. Was taken into account the fact that the female teeth of a gene amelogenina’s, and the men – amelogenin-X and Y.

The researchers studied 40 samples of tooth enamel from 25 individuals. We studied the remains of both adults and children, who lived in North America and Peru from 100 to 7300 years ago, and the teeth of modern people. All samples were found amelogenin-X and half Y, presumably they were masculine.

Typically, the biological sex of human remains is determined by studying the characteristics of bones that are different in men and women, such as the pelvis. But these changes are not obvious in children, while an incomplete skeleton can make development difficult floor.

As one of the methods is DNA analysis, but it is too expensive.

Scientists said that the measurement of the amount of amelogenin in the teeth may be utilized along with existing methods for more accurate determination of the biological sex of the skeleton. And it also emphasizes how important the teeth for archaeologists in the development of history of human remains.

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