Genetic markers will help in the fight against childhood obesity – scientists

Genetic predisposition to obesity is not a reason to give up, say doctors.

Генетические маркеры помогут в борьбе с детским ожирением – учёные

This global problem can cause many diseases – cardiovascular, diabetes and Oncology. Who estimates that 124 million children suffer from problems associated with excess weight. About 750 children and adolescents are overweight or obese participated in the studies of the University of Copenhagen. Experts have found that it is undoubtedly influenced by genetic predisposition. But, after the observations revealed that children with such a feature of the body do not become owners of a large number of extra pounds because the time changed their way of life.

Mobility, sports and active activities made them forget about the fatal disposition. Of course, there are children with a rare genetic mutation that can handle this only with the help of a doctor. These include 25% of the subjects, which are not affected changed the way of life. In this regard, scientists will need to identify genetic markers that will help to find biological ways to combat childhood obesity. The next research specialists will help you find methods of effective modern therapy.