Giant black triangle hanging over the planet: watched earthlings for 7 hours

Гигантский черный треугольник завис над планетой: следил за землянами в течение 7 часов


Every year there is increasing evidence that for humanity to closely keep an eye on. Unidentified objects here and there caught on camera and earth satellites.

So the other day was seen a strange phenomenon or unknown entity video which posted on YouTube channel MrMBB333.

So the author of the video said that it happened on April 9 and it was clear that the object hovered in the same place for 7 hours. He found it while watching a satellite of the National oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA).

Гигантский черный треугольник завис над планетой: следил за землянами в течение 7 часов

“I used the satellite constantly every year for 10 years and never seen anything like it. To me it looks like a triangle, it can be a natural artifact, but all I can tell you is that I used it hundreds of times and never seen such a thing.”

In the video you can see clouds swirling over the Pacific ocean off the coast of South America. Suddenly, the formation seems to change and there is a huge black triangular object.

“You can see something like a giant triangle over the ocean, visible from satellite,” he said

The right of the figure are visible the Mexican States of Baja California and Baja California sur. It seems that they are the same size with both areas – 1,500 miles.

Thousands of YouTube users gathered in the comments section below to figure out what it really is.

“It’s not explainable, it does not look natural, the rest of the cloud, but it is not”; “Very strange, that’s all I can say”; “It’s a huge triangle. A very interesting finding”; “Looks like a giant triangle. I still believe that this is some kind of secret government project.”

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