Giant eye is terrifying: the family of miners was born Cyclops

Гигантский глаз вселяет ужас: в семье шахтеров родился циклоп

the hospital premises

Nature is sometimes very beautiful, but sometimes it slips people is that it is simply impossible to describe with words and to keep calm. For example, in Indonesia health workers were horrified when a local resident brought to light the “Cyclops”.

Гигантский глаз вселяет ужас: в семье шахтеров родился циклоп

The girl was born with one big eye and died in a few hours. This became known thanks to the message edition of the Mirror.

Гигантский глаз вселяет ужас: в семье шахтеров родился циклоп

Arianto for Athanasios and his wife Suriyanti it would have been a fifth child. However, the girl was born, weighing just 2.2 kg and had one eye in the middle of the forehead. In addition, she was missing her nose, the other organs were OK.

Гигантский глаз вселяет ужас: в семье шахтеров родился циклоп

For the civilized world to sound crazy, but during pregnancy Suriyanti never did an ultrasound, so I was shocked by what he saw and even closed my husband in the other room. Meanwhile, the doctors put the girl in intensive care, where her condition was checked every 15 minutes. But that night the baby died.

According to doctors, the reason for such rare mutations could be the effects of mercury and measles virus. The fact that parents working in the mines.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Western mass media write about the birth of humanoid pigs. The incident occurred in Kenya, on a farm in the town of Muranga.

In normal pigs was born the cub with the features of a pig and a baby at the same time. From pigs create got only fangs and snout. According to the commentary, the farmer, the individual belongs to the male sex.

It is worth mentioning that the famous Ukrainian writer and storyteller Sashko lirnyk showed his giant catch. And he can be the envy of even the experienced fishermen. The lyre showed a photo of a huge catfish weighing almost 17 pounds. He was caught near the village of Stebliv in Cherkasy region. About this he wrote on the official page in Facebook.

“Sort of catfish caught my Leska yesterday,” he writes under one of the photos.

The photos show the huge dimensions of fish, which in length reaches the size of growth of the average person. Members were amazed at the size of the soma and have even voiced some of his humorous observations, from whence he could take.

Recall that disgusting krischelle: girl took video of unknown creature.

As reported Znaia in the Ukrainian underground found a winged mutant.

Also Znayu wrote, the fish mutant with human teeth nearly swallowed a child.

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