Gift certificates to support the local economy

Spend according to your prepandemic habits to support the local economy if you receive normal pay. And this without leaving your home.
T o support local merchants who have been forced to close their doors or who see their ridership reduced to almost nothing, Sherbrookoise Mylène Rioux launched this initiative. She invites all the privileged people who, like her, have cashed a paycheck this week unaffected by the pandemic to encourage a business in the region by purchasing a gift certificate online.

Traders opt for home delivery

“This morning, even if my life is no longer normal, I received normal pay. Not everyone is so lucky. So I decided that as long as I have this luxury, I will support in my own way our local entrepreneurs for whom the next few weeks will be difficult, “recently wrote on social media the director general of the Center for Popular Education (CEP) of Estrie, inviting those who are in the same situation as it to imitate it.

She opted for a gift certificate that will allow her to eat downtown before going to the movies, encouraging two businesses at the same time, or the same cost.

“I would not buy a $ 1,000 gift certificate from a business I never go to. I choose according to my habits. Normally, I go to this restaurant once a week, I buy a certificate. And when it reopens, I will go twice a week thanks to my certificate. Because if I go there just once, I will have just moved my expense and the merchant will not be at an advantage, ”explains Ms. Rioux.

“We are many to have a pay, I think of all the employees of the State or those who can telecommute. If everyone who is at home and who spends less than usual buys gift certificates, it can make a difference, ”she adds.

Ms. Rioux is aware that there is a risk. A risk that the trade will definitely close its doors if the fight against COVID-19 drags on, but she considers that the risk is worth the effort. “It’s a joint and several risk,” she says.

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