Glory doesn’t want to officially register the relationship because of his temperament

The singer is 16 years old lives with businessman Anatoly Danilitskiy, but does not intend to legalize their relationship. The reluctance she explains their nature.

Слава не хочет официально регистрировать отношения из-за своего темпераментаHusband made the Fame offer of marriage, but it annoyed even talking about it. According to her, marriage would put it in a certain frame, there would be a new obligation, because she is a person quick-tempered and temperamental, and with a stamp in the passport just walk away anymore.

The artist emphasizes that the family have harmony and mutual understanding. Anatoly won her affection and reliability – despite the fact that the impression of an intellectual, he can stand up for themselves if necessary. They also have a daughter Antonina who was born in 2011.

Note that the 38-year-old Anastasia (real name of the singer) was married to Konstantin Morozov, which in 1999 she gave birth to a daughter Alexandra. However, the marriage did not last long. Some time later, the singer met Danilinho, which, incidentally, older than her 28 years.

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