Go on an internship: the best programs 2019

Отправляемся на стажировку: лучшие программы 2019 года

The beginning of the year is a great time to think about his career. Rather go for an internship abroad! This will give you priceless experience and valuable knowledge.

Training for researchers in Canada

A great opportunity for researchers and scientists. To participate you must be a graduate student or PhD, as well as having the idea own research. That’s it and you’ll improve during the stay at the University of Quebec. The theme – science and technology. The participants of the internship will receive a stipend.

Отправляемся на стажировку: лучшие программы 2019 года

Training for researchers in the United States

Thanks to the program Study of the U.S. Summer Institutes in the teaching American studies and the researchers can participate in training in the United States, which will last a month and a half. Participants will visit the American academic institution. There is only one condition – to have research experience in one of the majors (e.g., modern American literature, US foreign policy, journalism and media, American culture, etc.).

If you are interested in international politics and diplomatics, why not work in the most famous and prestigious international organization. To participate you must be a student of final year of bachelor’s, master’s or PhD, as well as to speak English or French. Also take graduates who graduated less than a year ago. The internship lasts from 2 to 6 months. The amount of work depends on how deeply you are willing to experience it. Please note that this internship is not paid.

Отправляемся на стажировку: лучшие программы 2019 года

Google internships are held around the world: from tel Aviv to Dublin. The specialty is also different from software development to sales. A relevant internship is for 3 months in the summer of 2019. They are suitable for students of undergraduate and graduate programs. The company decided to help you and even prepared a guide on how to create a resume and apply.

Отправляемся на стажировку: лучшие программы 2019 года

If you can’t imagine my life without social networking or just want to be a part of the world project, go to the internship at Facebook. Participants will be engaged in mentor. You can study all the processes that occur internally (within the specialty). In addition, you have the opportunity to stay here for continuous stable operation. Internships take place worldwide on various topics ranging from business analysts to marketing.

Отправляемся на стажировку: лучшие программы 2019 года

The European Commission

University graduates can go 3-5 months in a fairly serious institution – the European Commission. They will get a scholarship, the amount of which is 1120 euros. To participate you must own one of the working languages of the Commission (French, German, English) have a diploma of higher education and the desire to improve their professional skills. Training is held twice a year. Start: 1 March and 1 October.

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