Gogeta Vs. Broly in the new trailer of Dragon Ball : Super

Gogeta Vs. Broly dans le nouveau trailer de Dragon Ball : Super

The new trailer for a dramatic film.

Even a trailer for the movie Dragon Ball Super : Broly. And this video is for the least instructive, because it confirms a leak of the last days : Gogeta, the fusion between Vegeta and Goku, will be good of the party. It will be a first in the official chronology of the Dragon Ball.

We find the character in this video (below) in the full epic battle against Broly. And most importantly, one discovers that it is a Gogeta mode Super Saiyan Blue will appear ! Sufficient to overcome the monster ?

Recall that the movie Dragon Ball Super : Broly, will be released on 14 December in Japan and early January in the USA in the cinemas. For the moment, no date in France.