Gone era: the creators of “the big Bang Theory,” announced the closure of the series

Ушла эпоха: создатели "Теории большого взрыва" объявили о закрытии сериала

Unfortunately and to the disappointment of all fans of the famous sitcom “the big Bang Theory” came a sad news. So, as once at the time of the closing of the legendary “Friends” drove a million-strong army of fans in the of sadness and “SBM” goes down in history.

According to Hollywood media, after 12 years on the air sitcom ends. The creators and main actors said it was the last day of dance flash mob. Video General dance in his Instagram posted actress kaley cuoco, who plays penny in the series.

Ушла эпоха: создатели "Теории большого взрыва" объявили о закрытии сериала

It is known that the 12th season of “big Bang Theory” will be the final for the show. Recently finished shooting the last episode. To leave the project to all parties involved very sad. Therefore, the actors staged a flash mob dance.

Together they danced to the song Larger Than Life Backstreet Boys group. She kaley cuoco commented that this may be her favorite time in all 12 years of joint work.

In flashmob was attended by Parsons (Sheldon Cooper), Kunal Nayyar (Rajesh Koothrappali), Melissa Royce (Bernadette Rostenkowski), Helberg (Howard Wolowitz) and others. But johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard Hofstadter, was unable to dance due to a leg injury.

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On the days were shooting the popular series in which Zelensky’s playing of the President of Ukraine Goloborodko, in which he takes the oath of the President. It is known that the new season is still in production, some episodes are still shooting and there is an installation.

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