Good Omens will not have a season 2 and will only be 6 episodes in total

Good Omens n'aura pas de saison 2 et ne fera que 6 épisodes au total

“Good Omens. This is brilliant. And it ends.”

On may 31, Michael Sheen and David Tennant will try to prevent the apocalypse in Good Omens, a new series adapted from Neil Gaiman. A series that will have six episodes. And no more, according to the novelist, also an executive producer :

“The thing about Good Omensis that it has a beginning, a middle and an end”, he entrusted at SXSW this weekend (via Entertainment Weekly), after you have shared 20 minutes of previously unseen footage. “Season 1 Good Omens, it’s Good Omens. This is brilliant. And it ends. There will be six episodes and it will be finished. We’re not going to try to add stuff to try to prolong the series indefinitely.”

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Recall that the series will be based on the novel from 1990, written by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. “It was probably impossible to make an adaptation, but we have still managed to do it !” takes on Neil Gaiman. “Pratchett and I had imagined it like that. We had spoken with authors of television, but they had always refused, because they did not see things as we do. I was ready to leave when Terry wrote to me and told me that I was the only person who really understood and Good Omens, and that he wanted to see our book to be adapted before they die. And then he died. Which left me with this last wish terrible. I had to do it.”

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