Goodbye, Bradley Cooper: Lady Gaga’s twisted new romance with a famous actor

Прощай, Брэдли Купер: Леди Гага закрутила новый роман с известным актером

Lady Gaga

While everyone is discussing the “romance” of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, fans of the singer suspected her relationship with another actor.

This is reported by the media.

At least these are the rumors started to appear in the Western press. We are talking about that the famous singer had an affair with actor Jeremy Renner, known for the films the Avengers, Mission impossible and many others.

In turn, Lady Gaga is not yet responding to these rumors, despite the fact that you have already started rozporowe about her pregnancy.

Прощай, Брэдли Купер: Леди Гага закрутила новый роман с известным актером

Earlier we wrote that the singer and actress Lady Gaga is at the peak of his popularity after starring in the romantic film “a Star is born” (A Star Is Born). Perhaps this fact was a decisive factor to the fact that she was able to set a new record in the social network Instagram.

Lady Gaga is not only outrageous and successful singer, but also the Oscar-winning actress. The other day she was able to get another kind of victory is a video to Instagram attracted a record 1 billion views and almost 700 thousand likes.

Video Lady Gaga was published on February 14. The footage, the singer showed his new tattoo that is encrypted stage name Gaga, depicting the notes Sol-La-Sol-La.

Lady Gaga admitted that the tattoo was a small error. Due to the large number of drinking tequila master stuffed instead of 5 lines only 4, then he corrected it. However, the confusion did not affect the popularity of roller: for the month, it was viewed more than a billion users on the network.

At the same time, fans of Lady Gaga called on the fan pages to support him and raise our targets to $ 2 billion.

Lady Gaga is not the only tattoo. So, recently in honor of the triumphant success of the movie “a Star is born” she did a rose pattern on the back around which flaunts the inscription “La Vie en Rose”. In French the phrase means “Life in pink” is the name of the song by the legendary Edith Piaf, which the heroine Lady Gaga performed at the meeting with Bradley Cooper.

Recall that Lady Gaga made a powerful confession that made fans weep.

As reported “Znayu” the hottest Hollywood beauty is married.

Also “Znayu” wrote that Madonna and Lady Gaga showed what to do in bed with Oscar.

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