Google Assistant will be kind with a polite user

Employees of the IT giant say that if you communicate through voice the user utters the words “please” and “thank you”, you will hear the gratitude in response.

Google Assistant станет добрее с вежливыми пользователями


Google Assistant will be kinder, happier and more responsive with a polite users, because the developers programmed it that way. If the user asks virtual assistant: “Please, set a timer for ten minutes”, the system will respond: “Thank you for the courteous treatment, the countdown has already gone.” When dealing with rough user Google Assistant will not be to punish anyone, but the kind treatment of him will follow. The developers have created several new features for voice assistant.

Now you can book a talk with Santa Claus on the phone and hear the Christmas story at night. Google Assistant will help to compile a list of gifts and wishes for the next year. In the presence of an assistant with a built-in display has the ability to use a virtual assistant as a karaoke machine. If you ask Google Assistant to perform a song from Play Music, the user will see the song lyrics on the screen of the gadget.