Google called “date of death” is known for the social network

Google назвал "дату смерти" известной соцсети

For many years the American Corporation Google is doing everything it can to make its proprietary social network as popular as Facebook, Twitter and their counterparts. However, a search failed, so the project decided to close in 2018. Apparently, the abandonment of the project was postponed to the year ahead.

Google назвал "дату смерти" известной соцсети

We are talking of course about Google+, which in the near future will not be over. Now the service will close before the end of the summer. This is not surprising, because the service was essentially useless, and functionality he is also limited when compared with Facebook and Twitter.

This will help Google to focus on other services and improve them, adding new features and improving existing ones. In any case, Google + has started to cost search, but the number of users has not increased in recent years. By the way, the Google + will be available until the fall of 2019.

Google назвал "дату смерти" известной соцсети

Recall that the company OnePlus harshly mocked Apple in a new advertising photo. Apparently, almost every manufacturer of Android smartphones have to make fun of all the shortcomings of the iPhone from Apple.

Earlier Znayu reported that the era of tablets has come to an end. Apparently, flexible smartphones replacing tablets from the electronics market. And this is not surprising because who likes to carry a huge tablet that can’t even fit in the bag. Much more convenient to carry a gadget that can be folded into a compact smartphone, but have the size of a full tablet if necessary.

Znayu wrote that Microsoft has named the date of death of Internet Explorer 10. Apparently, this version failed flagship use one, so support it simply makes no sense. Most likely, the browser will cease to get support from the manufacturer in early 2020.

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