Google Chrome “awarded” a amazing Android trick: users were waiting for years

Google Chrome "наградил" Android удивительной фишкой: юзеры ждали годами

Developers worldwide popular browser Google Chrome just got a great news for all Android users. Currently in development is a very useful feature that will allow you to almost instantly download page, thereby reducing the flow of traffic.

According to XDA Developers, it advantages the browser will be using a specially razrabotannoi full caching.

How it will work? A new feature for the mobile version of Chrome received the name of the bfcache, which stands for back / forward cache. Its essence lies in the caching of the whole page, including JavaScript code.

It is important to note that the JavaScript does not work in background mode, and stored in a quick access, thus preventing the opportunity for malicious users to steal personal data or install on their devices and malware.

With full caching of previously open pages open instantly without downloading.

How does bfcache – watch videos

The assurance of Google, 19% visited sites on mobile devices has previously been opened. On personal computers, the figure is about 10%. Thus, the frequently visited pages will load instantly that will not consume additional data.

Google Chrome "наградил" Android удивительной фишкой: юзеры ждали годами

When will it appear? According to developers Chrome, for 2019, the company plans only to test the function of bfcache, but in the browser it will be built only in 2020.

Earlier, Microsoft gave Skype megabrutal “stuffing”: you have to test it.

Earlier Znayu reported that the company Xiaomi made MIUI firmware update for 10 of its smartphones.

Znayu wrote that Google Chrome failed. Now the users of some extensions refuse to work. The fact that Google is conducting the experiment, and used it as a users browser.


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