Google Chrome failed: the main functions of the browser becomes inaccessible

Google Chrome дал сбой: главные функции браузера стали недоступными

Google has decided to conduct an experiment in Chrome. Some users have changed the mode of network services, which they have ceased to function extension. However, the company knows what to do, so that failures in the Chrome only temporary. However, this kind of stuff was supposed to be testers, and users. some extensions are required for users to work and alternatives for some and not at all.

Google Chrome дал сбой: главные функции браузера стали недоступными

Most often refuse to run ad blockers, software for Gmail Groove, HubSpot, Yesware and Mailtrack, VPN services. These problems concern only those who have Google selected as experimenters. However, Google will soon add its own ad blocker that will cope with this task not worse than other extensions.

Despite the likely number of users, which could hurt the bug, the company is not going to roll back browser settings, so as an experiment it is very important. Fortunately, you can fix the issue yourself.

Google Chrome дал сбой: главные функции браузера стали недоступными

Recall that the premium smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4 will receive a Mix of amazing features. There is no doubt that the filling would be the flagship, but the highlight of the device will be its camera. It is reported that she will be retractable, but will differ from existing analogues. However, the price while to speak early, as the release date.

Earlier Znayu reported that Apple will unveil new version of MacBook Pro 2019. It is reported that he will get 32 GB of RAM, which is a very large figure. However, to work with video editing that’s enough.

Znayu wrote that in the official Windows store again found the viruses. Now everyone who wants to install the application on your computer from the Microsoft store can be trapped by hackers.

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