Google Chrome has learned to recognize a Scam website

Google Chrome научился распознавать сайты мошенников

In the updated version of Google Chrome introduced a feature warning regarding the “similar URLS”. In the future the developers plan to expand the capabilities of the popular browser and “teach” it to block the threat like addresses. The system itself is quite interesting. It is known that previously flourished this type of fraud as to create fake web sites where users enter credit card information.

Google Chrome научился распознавать сайты мошенников

“Similar URLS” in the company represent addresses like that redirect the user to a fake domain. Of course, in most cases the browser will just fail and report that the site was not found. However, in some situations, this address can be accommodated in a fake or fraudulent website that is used for phishing. Losing their money online very easily.

By the way, the Google Chrome browser already knows how to report the detection of fraudulent sites, but in the future the behavior will change.

Google Chrome научился распознавать сайты мошенников

Let’s hope that the browser can protect users from the above scams.

Recall that Microsoft disowned Skype Classic. It should immediately be noted that it is only about 8 version of the popular service. Apparently, the company no longer wishes to support the latest applications.

Earlier Znayu reported that a Google employee has successfully jailbroken iOS 12. It is worth noting that it was he who discovered the vulnerability and reported it in the first place the Apple, so the company has corrected their mistakes. It took only a month. In any case, the existence of vulnerability will hit the reputation of the company.

Znayu wrote that Apple once again posted on the shelves of the revolutionary iPhone. Of course, we are talking about iPhone X, which is the first smartphone with a cutout for the screen, and a new system of protection FaceID. By the way, this time the device will be sold at a price of $ 700, which can not but rejoice.

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