Google has launched a service that will allow you to create a virtual aerial photography

Google has created a service called Google Earth Studio, through which users will be able to create videos that are as close to reality, and all thanks to 3D images of the earth.

Google запустил сервис, который позволит создавать виртуальную аэросъёмку

The Corporation argued that such a development may help journalists, scientists and ordinary users in creating video simulate cities from a bird’s flight.

To create such videos are needed, which have already built their own 3D map, but a list of such cities is not yet available. The site States that the application can speed up the broadcast to navigate to different points, and change the scale.

The developers note that no knowledge of animation to use application is not necessary, Google will provide all the necessary information in the instructions.

The app will be free for use in the field of news and education, as well as for non-commercial purposes.

Currently available test version of the app, which can be found on request.