Google has promised to introduce “gaming the future”: what will the search engine

Google пообещала представить “гейминг будущего”: что покажет поисковик

Project Stream

Recently, Google invited journalists to a press conference to be held on 19 March in the framework of game show Game Developers Conference (GDC). We will remind, the event will start at 20:00 Kyiv time. To attract more audience to this event, the company added a post on Twitter.

Google пообещала представить “гейминг будущего”: что покажет поисковик

The movie, made in strict accordance gaming topics, is a cutting few of the individual scenes with demonstration of narrow spaces in different settings (science fiction, space, fantasy, racing). The picture is accompanied by corresponding each scene sounds. With the help of this video hints at “gaming the future”.

Alas, the movie itself does not give any idea about what exactly is the vision for the future of gaming the search giant. Most likely, we are talking about project Stream, which will allow you to play any game on any device. The secret is in the broadcast of the game.

Recall that in the Google Play for Android devices new record – Google Maps. The app was downloaded about 5 million times, this is a record to date. Despite the fact that this application is installed “factory”, it counts as a download, because Google aggressively impose their products, and this applies to Android.

Earlier Znayu reported that Xiaomi Mi 9, which became a hit even before the official release, disgraced Corporation. The fact that the company wanted as soon as possible to collect the right amount of smartphones, but the company eventually disgraced before the world. The fact that in smartphones there’s no flash. Yes, Xiaomi just forgot to put in a smartphone flash.

Znayu wrote that the head of OnePlus has decided to abandon the headphones in favor of wireless. In future smartphones will not have headphone jacks that will provoke new and more interesting headphones.

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