Google releases update of “H” for the Wear OS

Another innovation will concern the battery “smart” hours.

Google выпускает обновление «H» для Wear OS

A message about releasing the update appeared on the official website of Google, although the explanation of why the new system is called Wear OS “H” followed. In patch “H”, users will be able to observe how the company is trying to conserve hours without changing the battery. So, if necessary, the user can enable power saving mode in which the smart watch will show only the time when the charge drops below 10%.

Another feature will put the device into deep sleep mode if the clock is not used for longer than 30 minutes. Another useful new feature is the possibility to return to the application that was last started by the user, with improved navigation programs device. Disable the clock, or restart them in two clicks. – hold down the power button and waiting for the pop-up window with commands.

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