Gotham : my city is going to crack in the new teasers for season 5

Gotham : ma cité va craquer dans les nouveaux teasers de la saison 5

Anarchy will reign in the city, cut off from the world.

Gotham will be a “no man’s land” in the season 5, as shown in these two new teasers, released by the american channel Fox. Two small teasers that show the chaos in the city, now cut off from the world.

At the 45th day of the martial law are fans of The Scarecrow will begin to crucify people in the street :

On the 87th day, the police will be totally overwhelmed and on the point of bursting :

The season 5 finale of Gotham will see on Thursday 3 January 2019, across the Atlantic. In France, the series is broadcast in the US+24 sur MYTF1 VOD.

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