Grabbed the hair, released among fields in Latvia broke the scandal because of the Russian language

Вцепилась в волосы, выпустила среди поля: в Латвии разгорелся громкий скандал из-за русского языка

In Latvia the scandal through the Russian language. A passenger bus turned to the woman driver in Latvian, however, it is fundamentally used only Russian.

This writes

The bus Riga-Daugavpils became the woman Linda with the baby. She turned to the woman-driver in Latvian and showed a ticket.

“I showed the ticket, the woman driver said something in Russian, although I spoke to her in Latvian… My three year old did not understand what she said. Why do we speak in a foreign language?” — asks Linda.

The passenger says that the driver did not seem to understand, resulting in a passenger drove right to her stop. The bus stopped at the bus stop in lielvārde, but the door did not open. The woman driver said something in Russian. The passenger began to insist that it was released, but the bus drove on.

Вцепилась в волосы, выпустила среди поля: в Латвии разгорелся громкий скандал из-за русского языка

“Screamed to let us out!… I grabbed the hair of the chauffeur, what more could be done, if in Latvian does not understand — let him release, then she released somewhere in the field. Stretched in the rain and the wind, not from a stop, and somewhere where even you can not stop. Because I speak Latvian… Me which foreign language to learn to get from Riga to Lab on the bus?” — Linda continues perturbed.

Linda doesn’t want to write a complaint to the state language Centre and the police. However, the head of Department of control of the language of the state language Centre Ingrida Berzina assured that the inspectors will check Daugavpilsskogo bus fleet.

If it turns out that the driver does not know the state language, she could face a financial penalty from 35 to 280 euros.

Recall that the soldiers of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade in large quantities write official reports on dismissal due to conflicts with management.

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