Grandson Pugacheva beg for money in social networks: such an opportunity is rare

Внук Пугачевой клянчит деньги в соцсетях: такая возможность бывает редко

Nikita Presnyakov, who is the grandson of Alla Pugacheva, asks for money from his fans. The message he posted in his Instagram.

In his publication tells Nikita that he needs money in order to make a video for a new track called “To Stay”, the performers of which is the group MULTIVERSE.

It is noted that the grandson of the prima Donna is a member of this group.

Внук Пугачевой клянчит деньги в соцсетях: такая возможность бывает редко

“Read to the end as brothers! Each of you have a unique chance to become a co-producer of our song “To Stay” and get % of the profit from our music! We charted the American label platform Younk and participate in Hit Funding! His goal is to collect a minimum number of attachments, which is enough to record and release live in Los Angeles,” reads the message of the grandson of the prima Donna.

He believes that if fans can unite with the musicians and collect the right amount, then the song will be able to “Express themselves in the world.”

“Support our track, and we promise that we will give our all to the max! Such an opportunity is rare and we wish you good luck,” adds Nikita.

Recall, Pugachev took 40 million to his concert patients

Anniversary concert of Russian singer Alla Pugacheva can turn into a grandiose scandal. According to Russian media, the company “Helicopters of Russia” owned by the state Corporation rostec has allocated for the organisation of the concert in the Kremlin Palace of 40 million rubles.

The company said that in this way they are going to advertise and promote your brand. They stressed that he is very excited to sponsor the concert of the great singer. But ordinary Russians did not appreciate the fact that the event Pugacheva will have to pay, in fact, out of their pockets.

As previously reported, “Znayu” Pugacheva’s made a tremendous sacrifice for Galkina

Russian showman Maxim Galkin has posted a new family photo where he poses with his wife Alla Pugacheva, son Gary and daughter Lisa. The published on the page of the humorist in Instagram.

Also “Znayu” wrote that Pugacheva was having an affair with Kuzmin: surfaced secret document

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