“Great.”: On what to pay attention to when you buy “Zhiguli” – the expert

Autoblogger shared their recommendations on how to choose the “right” car VAZ. In his review on the channel “VAZ-LADA USA” he described some of the characteristics that you need to pay attention to.

«Отличная троечка»: На что обращать внимание при покупке «Жигулей» – эксперт

The video was filmed on the example of VAZ-2103 1982. The legendary “three-ruble note” the owner has cleaned up, replaced the necessary parts and restored. First of all, the driver noted that “the Zhiguli” there are problems with the body it rust if it has new fenders, sheathing or other elements of the car. Surprisingly, when the original metal corrosion appears much later. Due to this fact, you can also determine whether the replacement of individual parts: welding seam, if the replacement was done not by professionals, to disguise these machines is very difficult.

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«Отличная троечка»: На что обращать внимание при покупке «Жигулей» – эксперт

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To determine the original cost of the parts, or they have changed, they can be gently tapped: if the sound is muffled, the part is the factory, if it is more subtle and jarring, it is likely that there is a new part. Be sure to inspect the rapids from the bottom – if there is a little rust, it’s not so bad, can get rid of it: “However, there is often possible to detect the through-hole and rotten iron, you need to be very careful!”. If the manufacturer, color or state of one of the lights is different, there is a high likelihood that the car has already been in an accident.

«Отличная троечка»: На что обращать внимание при покупке «Жигулей» – эксперт

According to the blogger, underhood space tells about the condition of the car the most. If under the hood, “Lada” Soviet installed parts such as washer reservoir or relay, then most likely, the machine is original, no major modifications. The expert also advised to pay attention to the wire colors – if the red, Soviet, all right. Commentators on the network appreciated this video and commented on the appearance of the car VAZ-2103 the blogger: “These tips for buying any car will fit, very true, thank you!” “Great. you a sight for sore eyes!”.