Great post: dietician explained the benefits of this power

Великий пост: диетологи объяснили преимущества такого питания

There is much talk about what the vegetarian diet brings a lot of benefits to human body. But what is more useful: a complete rejection of animal products or a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables?

About 10 years ago, Neil Potts, now co-founder Vagankovo cafe Vurger Co, began to feel stomach pain. He worked hard and lived in constant stress.

Великий пост: диетологи объяснили преимущества такого питания


Subsequently, the man decided to radically change the district’s power and refused food of animal origin, including honey

“Besides, I have ceased to hurt the stomach, I have experienced incredible changes in the body,” he says about the first few months of veganism.

“I’ve never felt healthier and more energetic than now. My skin looked great and I couldn’t explain it to anything else. You know, I’m not one of those who believe in miraculous healing.”

Великий пост: диетологи объяснили преимущества такого питания


However, the diet not only improves our health but also affects the things we do not perceive directly.

Nutritionists confirm that gut health works best for a vegan diet.

A vegan diet has lower content of proteins, calcium, saturated fat and salt. Vegans consume more of fiber contained in legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and cereals.

Veganism, vegetarianism or just eating healthy?

In contrast to the words of vegan experience, other scientists also analyzed the condition of the intestines long vegans and did not notice differences between them and the people who adhered to a normal diet.

The experiment involved 100 healthy people, one third of whom were vegetarians, vegans and another third ate what I wanted.

Великий пост: диетологи объяснили преимущества такого питания


The researchers found that the participants in all three groups had virtually no differences in the number or diversity of intestinal bacteria.

Experts say that veganism is not necessarily health. Such a restriction in the diet also has its negative effects.

“The more diverse the food the better. So the body gets different types of fiber. You may not be vegan but consume a lot of vegetables and avoid unhealthy foods like processed foods, particularly of animal origin” – added scientists.

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