Greed Apple made the MacBook

Жадность Apple поставила под удар пользователей MacBook


Security researcher Linus Henze (Henze Linus) found in macOS Mojave vulnerability that allows access to passwords from the credentials stored in the Keychain. But Henze did not disclose any details about the problem to the developers of Apple, because he will not pay. Apparently, Apple will have to think about, to fix a new vulnerability in their devices. A few days ago over a wiretapping scandal iPhone using FaceTime how to Apple devices Corporation, new problems have emerged.

On its YouTube channel Henze has published a video that demonstrates the exploit, dubbed KeySteal. It shows how you can easily retrieve local passwords from Keychain, with admin privileges to perform this attack are needed. In other words, your passwords can be easily pull out of the system with the bug.

Жадность Apple поставила под удар пользователей MacBook

At the time of publication of this news, Apple announced that it could not provide comments because not received from the Linus Henze’s no technical information about the problem. However, the vulnerability is already confirmed by other security experts. The researcher explains his decision by the fact that Apple, unlike iOS, there is still no rewards for finding vulnerabilities in macOS. However, it is fair.

Recall that the system Android found another vulnerability that can be exploited. It is reported that now even when you open the picture in the network, you can infect your smartphone with viruses that can steal your data, up to the credit card data.

Earlier Znayu reported that the popular email service Gmail have learned to remove almost all spam messages. Themselves, this kind of writing is dangerous because the can have a built-in virus so that service almost 100% of cases is able to detect this malicious email, and alert the mailbox owner.

Znayu wrote that Apple gets on the shelves of the legendary iPhone X. moreover, the device is now selling for much cheaper: 760 $ for the basic version with 64 GB of memory. Apparently, the company wants to improve its financial position for the beginning of 2019.

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