Grey’s Anatomy : April can it still come back in season 15 ?

Grey's Anatomy : April peut-elle encore revenir dans la saison 15 ?

Actor Jesse Williams believes that it is quite possible.

A little less than a year after her first, very controversial, there is nothing to say that will be revisited one day Sarah Drew in Grey’s Anatomy. And yet, it would not make sense. In fact, knowing that April Kepner is still living in Seattle, and that she shares custody of a child with Jackson, it would be unthinkable to never again, in the upcoming episodes.

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And actor Jesse Williams is of the same opinion. In TVLine, he says, he “would like very much to” that Sarah Drew back in a moment. First, because they are very good friends. “This is one of my favorite people in the world”, insists the actor. Then, because the story of the return of April would be pure logic in the scenario of Jackson :

“April live in the area and we have a child together, that one student every two. This would be an opportunity to do something on the education coparentale. Or something about April, which is still very present in my relationship with Maggie… Because this is real life. Most marriages end in divorce, which means that new people entering our lives, with which we must coexist. This is the kind of situation that we see quite a few on tv…”

Then the authors of the series medical will they want to follow this path ? Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy will continue on Thursday night on ABC and in France on MyTF1.

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