Grief-stricken mother two weeks nursed with his dead daughter

The woman even carried dead daughter in the stroller for a walk and acquainted with other children.

Убитая горем мама две недели ухаживала со своей мертвой дочерью

Emma Woodhouse, 27, from Lancaster, gave birth to twins Jessica and Bella in June of this year. She held an emergency caesarean section at the 29th week after the rupture of the umbilical cord in the womb. Despite CPR for 22 minutes, one of the girls, Jessica, was born dead.

Grief-stricken mother took the dead body of his daughter home and cared for her, bathed and went out with her on the street. Emma believes that Jessica died to save his twin, Bella. She said,”When Jessica was born, I just fell in love with her, she looked so perfect. Two weeks spent with her and her sister were wonderful. We want to show people that you can spend time with the child after his death, in order to preserve memories. It should not be taboo. Although she died, she’s my daughter, and I wanted to spend as much time as he could“.

Emma had a hard pregnancy due to a rare heart-shaped uterus twins risked to be born at the same time. But once the woman felt a sharp pain, she was sent to the Royal Lancaster infirmary, where they held an emergency caesarean.